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To provide a lacrosse experience that empowers student athletes and families to:

  • Raise funds and awareness against and awful disease
  • Promote philanthropy within the great sport of lacrosse
  • Grow the game
  • Enable college coaches ease in recruiting
  • Give back to community
  • Have fun and fight breast cancer


About Lax For The Cure™:

Charlie & Jessica

Lax For The Cure was founded by Jessica Shoulberg, CFO of STEPS Lacrosse LLC, Former State Champion and Coach of the Year at Mendham High School and member of the Inaugural Women’s Lacrosse team at Notre Dame.

During the summer of 2007 The STEPS Lacrosse club had 3 mothers fighting breast cancer. Jessica’s concept came from the notion that, with the growth of the girls lacrosse and summer tournament circuit, an opportunity presented itself to start a tournament that would meet the ideals of players, parents, clubs, and college coaches. The goal was to ultimately find a way to raise funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer.

Jessica’s husband, Charlie Shoulberg, founder and CEO of STEPS Lacrosse, and former Asst. GM of the US Men’s National Team, contacted Susan G. Komen. Komen embraced the idea that one of the fastest growing demographics of well educated, motivated, and pro-active young women are playing lacrosse.

Charlie Shoulberg immediately approached K.C. and Deanna Knobloch of Moorestown High School and South Jersey Select Lacrosse Club. After years of being on-field rivals with mutual respect for each other’s programs, K.C. and Charlie have always discussed ways of raising the bar for their respective programs.


2022 Summer Winners

2026-2030/31 Weekend 1st Place Overall : Blakely Furno, All American Aim 2027 - $9,055
2023-2025 Weekend 1st Place Overall : Hicks Girls, STEPS Elite NJ 2025 Navy, $12,355

Kalyn Ammernaan, DEWLAX 2023 BLACK, $600
Paige Davis, STEPS California 2023, $600
Mira Mirino, STEPS Elite NJ 2023 White, $600
Team: Minnesota Elite 2023 - $8,310

1st: Brooke Stroh, STEPS California 2024, $2,150
2nd: Ellie Batchelde, Mass Elite 2024 Red, $1,470
Team: STEPS Elite NJ 2024 White, $5,060

1st: Hicks Girls, STEPS Elite NJ 2025 Navy, $12,355
2nd: Emmy Cullinan, Capital 25 Blue, $4,090
Team: STEPS Elite NJ 2026 Navy, $18,735

1st: Gillian Cohen, STEPS Elite NJ 2026 Blue - $23,64
2nd: Victoria Hammer, Hero's 2026 white - $2,000
Team: Integrity 2026 Green - $7,050

1st: Blakely Furno, All American Aim 2027 - $9,055
2nd: Olivia Zywicki, STEPS Elite NJ 2027 Blue - $2,631
Team: STEPS Elite NJ 2027 Blue - $14,551

1st: Elise Aikens, Prime Time 2028 - $1,311
2nd: Charlotte Bruno, STEPS Elite NJ 2028 Blue - $1,250
Team: STEPS Elite NJ 2028 Blue - $3,550

1st: Julia Zywicki, STEPS Elite NJ 2029 Blue - $2,263
2nd: Emily Flanagan, MD United 2029 West - $2,125
Team: M&D LAX BLACK 2029 - $5,610
** Marci Flynn team captain has $5,510 entered under her name, not as team gift

1st: Allegra McGinniss, South Jersey Select 2030 Pink - $2,410
2nd: Annalise Oatway, South Jersey Select 2030 Pink - $850
Team: South Jersey Select 2030 Pink - $5,310