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Friends & Family Ideas

There are so many ways to go Passionately Pink®! To find some fun ideas, choose the option below that describes how you might want to GO PINK.

DIY Donation Jars

Do-It-Yourself Donation Jars

Why go out and buy a pink bucket when you can recycle existing items for your donation collection jar? These fun donation jars were made from used water cooler jugs from Charity Oneal, a young woman who choose breast cancer awareness as her pageant platform after her mom was diagnosed when she was just 16. Breast cancer affects everyone, regardless of age, which is why anyone can go Passionately Pink and support breast cancer awareness!


Ready to tackle breast cancer!

Who says breast cancer awareness is only for adults? Check out 7 yr. old Peyton, who suited up for his pee-wee football game and added pink tape to his shoes to help spread breast cancer awareness to his teammates and fans.  No matter how big or small you are- it’s your passion that counts!

Grillin' for a good cause

Grillin' for a good cause

Have friends over for dinner and enjoy the last few days of fall. Just because it's not October, doesn't mean you can't pink it out for a night (or a weekend!).  


Pink out your yard

Add some pink to your yard with Passionately Pink. Encourage guests to bring their favorite plant to swap and share, while collecting donations in a pink flower pot. Packets of seeds make great thank-you gifts.  

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Pink Pool Party

Pink it out by the pool and stay cool this summer with Passionately Pink. Collect donations at the door and have friends over for pink lemonade to beat the heat with a cool swim.

ATL to the Arctic

Breast cancer has no limits and neither does Daniel Palazzolo, who has raised over $8,000 for Passionately Pink. He rode from Atlanta, GA to the Arctic Circle in honor of his sister Kris who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Through long days, blistering cold, and the ultimate test of endurance, Daniel is determined to prove that you can do anything (even beat breast cancer) when you put your mind and body to it.


Losin' it for a Cause

When David Green’s mom, Patricia, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 his world was turned upside down. She underwent a double-mastectomy, and to honor his mom’s sacrifice, David went Passionately Pink with a one man weight loss plan, soliciting pledges and donations for every pound he lost. With the help of friends, family, and the support of his mom, David is a few pounds lighter, and raised over $12,000 for breast cancer awareness! Talk about having being worth your weight in gold or PINK!


Pink Cupcakes          

Invite your friends and family over for a Passionately Pink party. You provide the cupcakes, frosting and lots of decorating options. They each bring a donation for Susan G. Komen® to help fight breast cancer. Everyone gets to vote for the best decorated cupcake and then enjoy eating their creations!



Pink Dinner Party 

A Passionately Pink dinner party is a great way to raise money for Susan G. Komen. Invite your guests to bring a breast-cancer fighting donation and reward them with a feast featuring pink food. Salmon, salad with radishes or raspberries, and a pink pie or cake for dessert. Be sure to use a beautiful bouquet of pink roses or tulips to decorate. The person who gives the most generous donation gets to take the flowers home.



Pink Bake Sale 

Whether your event is at a school or workplace, encourage people to bake pink cookies, cupcakes and pies. Everything can be offered for donations to Susan G. Komen® to fight breast cancer. You can also have a contest and let people vote for their favorite pink dessert.


Spotlight Ideas

Pink Mustache Man

Pink Profile: Pink Mustache Man 

Check out Mark Lucier’s awesome pink mustache, and the story behind the ‘stache: “I asked my Facebook family and friends to pledge to ‘Susan G. Komen Passionately Pink’ [and] in return I would dye my moustache Pink for the full month of October and post daily pictures. Well I guess a great deal of my friends wanted to see me in Pink and they started to donate. I have sported a Pink moustache for the full month of October so far.”

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