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Holiday Ideas

There are so many ways to go Passionately Pink®! To find some fun ideas, choose the option below that describes how you might want to GO PINK.

Holiday Pink Party

If you and your friends and family like to make a difference around the holidays, this is a great way to do it. Sign up for Passionately Pink, and have everyone make a donation as part of their RSVP. You can request a specific donation, or leave it open in hopes that they will be even more generous. Make sure everyone knows where the donation is going and why it is so important.

Bake Sale

Everyone loves special treats around the Holidays! Hold a bake sale with the proceeds going towards your fundraising. You can even put them in tins for people looking for a special, homemade gift.


Holiday Baskets

Put together a few of your favorite items for the Holidays in a gift basket. Cookies, candy, nuts, or popcorn - the choices are unlimited. Sell them to friends and neighbors to make a difference this holiday season.

Make the New Year Pink

Throw a pink New Year’s Eve party for your friends and family. You can really maximize your fundraising by asking people to give during this time of the year. Many people wait until the last minute to make their annual charitable donations, so you will be asking them at the perfect time.! 

Go Passionately Pink for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great time to go Passionately Pink! Give a pink heart or ribbon to anyone who makes a donation. If you are organizing and event to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it is easy to turn that event into something that will make an impact in the fight against breast cancer.