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School Ideas

There are so many ways to go Passionately Pink®! To find some fun ideas, choose the option below that describes how you might want to GO PINK.

Passionately Pink Pie Fundraiser

Pie in the Face! 

Everyone knows someone who would look good with a pie in the face – a CEO, a favorite teacher, a beloved coach…  This year, turn a pie in the face into a Passionately Pink fundraiser! Volunteer yourself (or someone you love!), and issue a fundraising challenge; meet the challenge and turn the pie-throwing into a fun group event. Or, get a bunch of volunteers who are willing to put their faces on the line – have your office, your school, your athletic team ”vote” with donations on who should get the pie in the face! 

UT of Martin Volleyball team goes Passionately Pink!

University of Tennessee at Martin

“The University of Tennessee at Martin Volleyball team set a perfectly pink example for their peers by turning their home pages pink to help spread awareness. These ladies went all out with pink shirts, pink socks, and even got the crowd involved! In women aged 20-24, 1 in 100,000 will be diagnosed, which is why it’s important to know what’s normal for you! We love seeing young women spreading awareness and renewing the commitment to the cause of eradicating breast cancer!


St. Rose of Lima School

St. Rose of Lima

“The faculty and staff of St. Rose of Lima in New York turned their school pink for a day by donating $5 each to wear their Passionately Pink lapel pins and something pink. This year even the students got involved! Students who donated $1 were allowed to dress down (no uniforms), wear something pink, and receive a breast cancer awareness sticker in return. They even got their principal to dress up in pink!


Stevenson Softball

Strikeout Cancer! 

The Stevenson University softball team used the opportunity of a home game to show their support by completely pinking out, from their jerseys, socks, and bats, to wristbands and signed pink balls tossed out to the crowd. Together these passionate women have raised over $1,200 for breast cancer awareness! 

HQ_PP11_Nurse_idea spotlight

Nurses know how to raise your spirits!

“Think Pink! Fight Like a Bulldog!”  That was the cheer heard on campus and throughout Wilson, NC as the Barton College Association of Nursing Students raised awareness and funds for Passionately Pink this October. These spirited ladies collected over $2,500 by hosting a Cornhole tournament on campus, along with ribbon sales and face painting (to name a few of their fundraising activities!)



A Little Pink Competition

One of the easiest ways to get your school involved is to pink out an athletic event! Just like the Shawnee High School Women’s Lacrosse team, who turned one of their games into a friendly fundraising competition. With the help of their fans, they raised over $2000 for the cure (and to make the night an even bigger victory, they won their game 12-7!)


Ohio University is Proud to be Pink!

Want to get your school passionate for the cause? In April 2011, Ohio University hosted their 11th annual Mom’s Walk.   With over 1,000 participants and months of fundraising, the group raised $13,593.61 for Passionately Pink!  The event consisted of a casual walk with entertainment, raffles, a silent auction, and a speaker currently in treatment for breast cancer.

Teachers Teaching with Technology

Teachers Teaching with Technology™ is a nationwide cadre of highly-trained math and science teachers training others on using calculators and computers to enhance education – and they are Passionately Pink!  The cornerstone of their year-round efforts was a ‘geek auction’ where these tech-savvy teachers auctioned off their passionate peers.  These pink professors raised nearly $20,000 in the fight to end breast cancer forever!

Mitzvah Project

Looking for a fun idea for your mitzvah project? Get inspired by Jessica Suddleson, who turned her mitzvah project pink by creating one-of-a-kind pink jewelry and fashion tchotchkes. Hold your own fashion-inspired party and invite friends for a charitable good time, thanking them with your own pink creations. Mazel tov Jessica, for her tzedakah of raising over $1,200 the past two years to help in the fight against breast cancer!

Passionately Pink Freshman: Don't Be Blue, Be Pink

The Blue Springs School District is perfectly proud of their Passionately Pink freshmen, who have been Passionately Pink for two years in a row. They wore pink with style, and sold pink t-shirts and hundreds upon hundreds of pink donuts. They also had an Awareness Wall festooned with over 350 dedication ribbons. The freshmen were so inspirational in their colorful fundraising that local businesses were only too eager to donate money and donuts! In addition, they got local media and newspapers to pay attention, which helped the freshmen achieve one of their chief goals: to make students more aware of breast cancer and its relevance to their own young lives. The goal of this year’s fundraising effort is $5,000.


Pennies for the Girls          

Pennies for the Girls is a fundraising campaign organized by the Pink Divas of Orange County. The Divas went Passionately Pink by encouraging people to bring pennies to fill a water cooler jug. The pennies and all other donations will support the work of Susan G. Komen® to help end breast cancer forever. In addition, they hosted a variety of activities each Friday in October, starting with a Pink Bale Sale on October 2, 2009.

Texas A&M University Maggies Lead the Way 

The marvelous Maggies, an organization formed to unite a diverse group of (primarily) female student leaders, led by a leader-of-leaders named Kay Duston, went Passionately Pink because they realized that even as young women they can be affected by breast cancer. All the girls dressed up in as much pink as possible. The room had pink decorations, they ate pink treats, and had a special guest speaker.

Cornell University Wins One for the Coach 

Cornell’s volleyball coach was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Her team went Passionately Pink wearing pink ribbons on their uniforms, encouraging fans to wear pink and collecting donations at the door and during the game.


Spotlight Ideas

Strath Haven Women's Mascot

Pink Profiles: Strath Haven Women's Soccer Team

Who has two thumbs and is passionate about supporting breast cancer awareness? Strath Haven Highschool’s women’s soccer team! For the fourth year in a row, the Strath Haven Women’s soccer team has held Passionately Pink events to bring awareness to their school. From pinking out soccer games to creating a carnival-like atmosphere with food and games, this school (and their super-passionate panther mascot) is a great example of how students can get involved with events already happening in their community!  Over the years this team has raised more than $6,000, which has helped Komen’s fight to end breast cancer on the national level and at the local level.

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