Impact Fundraiser Facebook App Tutorial


Follow the steps below to begin fundraising with the Impact Fundraiser Facebook App. For additional help, please see the FAQs page.

1. Click on "Impact Fundraiser"
2. Access the Susan G. Komen® App
3. Schedule Messages
4. Share Now!
5. Make a Self-Donation



Click on "Impact Fundraiser"


Impact Fundraiser

You can find the Impact Fundraiser link in the fundraising section of our website.

When clicked, you will be taken through the following steps in Facebook.  You will need to log into Facebook if you are not already.  If you do not have a Facebook account, you will need to register with Facebook before you can install the app and start fundraising. 


Access the Susan G. Komen® App 


Allow the app to access your public profile and post to Facebook for you.  This is necessary for the app to make sure your posts are visible to your Facebook friends.

Click Okay on the first popup window to allow public profile access. You can review the information provided by clicking the link on the window. If you cancel this step, the app will not be installed.


Komen Facebook App Privacy Message


Click Okay on the second pop-up window to allow the app to post to Facebook for you. You can modify who will be able to see the posts by changing the selection in the drop-down box on the screen. If you click Not Now, the app will be installed but the Schedule Messages functionality will be disabled.


Komen Facebook App Posting Message


Schedule Messages


Select messages to be automatically posted to your newsfeed. All messages posted by the app include a link to a Susan G. Komen donation form so your Facebook friends can easily donate.

Komen Facebook App Schedule Messages Popup


Share Now!


You can share a custom message any time by selecting a message on the Share Now tab. You can add your own comments or story to any message.

To access the app from Facebook:

1. Click Home in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Click on 'Susan G. Komen®' under 'Apps' in the left hand navigation if you see it listed.

3. If you do not see 'Susan G. Komen®' listed under 'Apps', click on 'Apps' to see a list of all apps.  Click on the Susan G. Komen® app.


Komen Facebook App Share Now Tab 


Make a Self-Donation


Jump-start your fundraising by making a personal donation! Click on the 'Make a self-donation' link to be taken to your personal fundraising page where you can donate.