Do-It-Yourself Fundraising

Beldon Roofing Company

Beldon Roofing Company has a very personal relationship with cancer. We know the hardships that fighting cancer can bring; the pain and tears, but also the community and the FIGHT to survive! 

We have been working with Komen to fundraise and support reasearch in order to do our part in our fight against cancer.

We know that to date, Komen has given over 5 million dollars in research in San Antonio, alone! Our dollars are being kept and funded into our community and research relevant to our city.

We also know that every year 42,000 women die from breast cancer and 1/3rd of those women could have been saved. Without the money for treatment, or car rides back and forth to treatment, these vulnerable women are losing their lives, here in San Antonio. Komen is working with the communities having the most needs in San Antonio to provide access to mammograms, co-pay assistance, and rides to and from treatment! 

We've created our own fundraiser at Team Beldon! We want to help Susan G. Komen save lives and end breast cancer forever. We are taking our first step towards a world without breast cancer by raising funds to stop this disease that affects 1 in 8 women during their lifetime. 

As the world’s largest and most impactful breast cancer organization, Susan G. Komen supports more breast cancer research than any other nonprofit, while providing real-time help to those facing the disease.

You can make a donation online with your credit card by clicking the button above our fundraising thermometer.

Thank you for helping us as we continue to raise money in support of ending breast cancer forever.

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