Tracy Forner Indy Style Beards for Breast Cancer

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It's not always easy to be a relatively public person with a fiercely private family. While breast cancer has touched very closely and very deeply in my family, there is little, almost no, aknowledgement. The person it struck refused to let it alter her lifestyle during and after her treatment. She didn't and still won't let cancer define who she is in any way. While she supports cancer research financially, she chooses to do so silently. No ribbons, no pink. Some may call it stubbornness, but it's this fierce attitude that kept her strong and got her through it.

So, how do you honor someone who doesn't want any attention? That's why 'Beards for Breast Cancer' is such a great concept. It's both subtle and in your face (well, on your face). It gets men involved (not always easy to do) by having them grow a beard (fairly easy to do) and at the same time grow awareness and donations for the Susan G. Komen foundation. Most importantly for me, she approves.

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