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Darling, attitude is everything. Photo August 16, 1995 for my last chemo treatment. Thanks to my sister for the art work.

I have participated in and volunteered for Susan G Komen's Race for the Cure, now MORE THAN PINK WALK since 1993 and my first year in raising funds for the organization.

I will participate in the virtual MORE THAN PINK Walk this year as it has special meaning to me.

You see, this year I would have been celebrating 25 years from a cancer diagnosis in April of 1995. Would have been, as I was diagnosed with a second breast cancer in March at the height of COVID19 reaching its tentacles into the DC area. I am not sure what worried me most, cancer or COVID.

My story starts with a routine mammogram on St. Patrick's Day and within 8 days I was told of my new cancer. I was given the name of a surgeon and told cancer surgeries were about the only surgeries still being performed due to COVID. I initiated my research on my specific type of cancer and found a wealth of information on the Komen website. The information was invaluable. providing me with treatment protocols, questions to ask the cadre of doctors I was interviewing, understanding the treatment options and survival rates. It gave me the confidence the only set of doctors I was meeting with were knowledgeable and worked together seamlessly.

I also faced a second set of challenges. Did I want to interview a second set of doctors, potentially exposing myself to more germs, which other hospitals were conducting cancer surgeries, did the doctor's I interviewed had privileges at those hospitals, how would I get to and from the hospital for treatments, how would I get to and from, who would be willing to potentially expose themselves to someone with germs from a hospital potentially filled with COVID patients, who did I trust to have been socially distancing and not been exposed to COVID, etc. Decision made, I went with the first and only surgeon I spoke with based on our discussion as well radiologist and oncologist she recommended. (As an aside, a cancer diagnosis is like an if statement. If the tumor is small, its removal results in clean margins, and there is no lymph node involvement a specific treatment protocol can be followed. IF, if, if.)

About 20 visits to the hospital during COVID lockdown my surgeries and radiation treatments were finished. Although it was eerie to walk into the hospital at first, I began to really appreciate the lack of people present. It meant less germs from others. Over the next five years, I will be seen by a surgeon, radiologist, and oncologist. With their support, I anticipate being able to celebrate being cancer free in 25 years.

I know there is a tremendous amount of need during these times of COVID. If you can, I would appreciate any donations. They are tax deductible, help others with breast cancer in many, many ways.

I walk with gratitude for the individuals who have devoted their lives to helping and caring for those diagnosed with breast cancer. I walk in memory of family and friends who are only present in our hearts. I walk for family, friends, and former coworkers who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I walk because I can.
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