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The impact of COVID-19 has left its mark on the entire world, including our Survivor community. Due to COVID-19, my mom missed out on the opportunity  to try a new clinical trial since the program at NIH stopped accepting new patients when COVID-19's impact was first realized in our community.

My mom is no longer with us on earth, but her spirit lives in my older brother, myself, and my son. When someone succumbs to cancer, many people say that they 'lost their battle.' I however say that my mom won her battle! You see, whomsoever accepts Jesus as their Lord & Savior shall have eternal life. [John 3:16] When her body passed away, the cancer ceased to exist as it died with it, but my mom, her soul is everlasting!! She is in glory, made new and perfect, FREE from bondage! [1 Corinthians 15]

...And by HIS stripes we are healed. [Isaiah 53:]

So, we all know the impact of COVID-19, what will your impact be?

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