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Hi!  I am Marimar and I am the Team Captain of "Marimar's Kicked Cancer Tribe".  I have been involved with the "Race for the Cure" for several years but never in a million years thought breast cancer would touch me as I had 0 family history.

It all started with lots of pain on my left breast on December 2018.  My son has just turned 1 and he was, contrary to my daughter, a very heavy toddler. Being a lefty that used my left arm to carry my bag, laptop and him (usually at the same time!), I totally thought this was muscular pain.  As the pain kept increasing I believed it was a breast cyst due to tons of caffeine.  

When I went to my annual exam on July 2019, my ObGyn thought the same but I was already 40 so I had to do a mammogram anyway.  We immediately got the bad news.  The radiologist thought right away I had cancer. And, yes,  after weeks of tests I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, one of the most deadly ones, Stage 2/3.  I do not know how I could not feel it but I had a 8cm tumor on my left breast.  It was really close to my pectoral muscle so that is why I thought I had hurt my muscle.  I also had a Stage 0 tumor on my right breast.

After 6 months of chemo and a double mastectomy last February, I was declared cancer free but out of fears that my cancer spread I had to do 5 weeks of radiation and I am currently doing oral chemo before I can have a reconstruction this November.

I have opened this team with three objectives:

-To celebrate my birthday (September 6) doing something with purpose.

-To honor the women who became my tribe this year caring for me and my family through lost of material, mental and spiritual help.  My sister, sister in law, cousins, friends, work friends and neighbors who went above and beyond for me.

-To raise money so other women can have the AMAZING care that Sibley Memorial Hospital, Dr. Picco, Dr. O'Donnel, Dr. Santa Maria, Dr. Davidson and Dr. Croog and their nurses, technical and admisnitrative staff have given me.

I know that a lot of women are not as lucky as I am.  I have great health insurance and a job with a salary that allows me to pay co-payments.  With my team, I want to show how thankful I am about my health while raising money for research and for care for other women who are not as fortunate as I am.

Please join me in fighting breast cancer AND celebrating my 42.

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