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In 2001, Team Heather was formed to support my then 25-year-old sister, Heather, in her newly diagnosed battle against breast cancer. Friends and family members, including our survivor mother, Becky, gathered around Heather in Washington, D.C. before she headed home to Ohio for a double mastectomy and intense radiation and chemotherapy.

In 2002, Team Heather once again rallied around a newly married Heather and her husband, Jason, and Heather returned home to a devastating diagnosis.

Five months later, Heather passed away after living with her breast cancer. We choose not to say that she “lost her battle to breast cancer,” because that gives too much power to a disease we have all come together to cure.

In the years since losing Heather, the team created to celebrate her life now honors her memory by raising moneys to fund research into this disease and to provide funds for women who ordinarily wouldn’t be able to afford the lifesaving treatments now available.

To date, Team Heather has raised over $565,000 through our Team Heather Komen efforts in Washington, D.C.

Last year, our mother was re-diagnosed with breast cancer, faced treatments head on, and is now a two-time breast cancer survivor.

Sadly, countless other women, and men, have been recently diagnosed, and are now relying on our abilities to fundraise in order to provide precise screening techniques, individualized treatment options, and ultimately, a cure. 

All of this is to say, please donate.

Please donate to honor a woman whose memory has saved the lives of countless women. Or please donate to celebrate the survivors and two-time survivors and three-time survivors who make up our family and friends. Or please donate to send messages of hope and support to the women and men just starting out on their journey. Or please donate because it’s an amazing cause.

I thank you in advance, and together, we CAN make a difference.


Shawn Gardner

Team Heather 2020 Captain

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