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Fundraising for the Walk

Here are quick ways you can begin working toward your lifesaving goal:

  • Set a goal
  • Share your personal story
  • Get creative and let your passion shine
  • Make a donation to yourself (selfie donation)
  • Talk to your company about matching opportunities

Share your breast cancer walk goal and get your friends and followers involved in MORE THAN PINK Walk:

  • Post frequently
  • Share personal images and stories
  • Thank donors
  • Get creative
  • Create a Facebook fundraising page

Need inspiration? Click here to view a list of 101 creative fundraising ideas! Please note that some of these will need to be customized due to COVID-19.  

All the tools you need

Once you register, you’ll have access to Komen fundraising resources like:

A robust toolkit to get startedStep by step support with tips from registration to Walk Day

Use Now

Komen fundraising appCheck your progress and get tips on-the-go

App Store Google Play

Support from the expertsGuidance from top fundraisers, Komen staff, and volunteers

Progress trackerHit milestones and earn badges and rewards as you get closer to your goal

Goal calculatorSet an achievable goal with our simple equation

Calculate Goal

Recognition & rewardsSmall ways to celebrate the inspiring leaders of our community

View Rewards

What's my impact?

Use this quick equation to see how far your fundraising efforts can take you:


Your goal


Funds from Susan G Komen have provided lifesaving research and medications for myself and countless others as we fight breast cancer. I am very proud of the Pink Ponies for the dollars raised, which will make a difference in patients' lives.

Jennifer Saunders, DVM, Top Fundraiser

Fundraising for Captains

Team Captains, you’re the driving force behind your MORE THAN PINK Walk team’s fundraising success! Here are special resources for you to keep everyone motivated and focused on bringing in lifesaving dollars as you move closer to your goal.

Captain Resources