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Common Questions

Need more information about the 2020 Komen Maryland Virtual MORE THAN PINK Walk? Get the answers to your walk questions, learn more about the day of your event, and how your fundraising makes an impact long after you walk.

When is the 2020 Komen Maryland Virtual MORE THAN PINK Walk
The walk will be on Sunday, October 11, 2020. Visit Event Day Information for more details.

Why is the MORE THAN PINK WALK going virtual this year?
As an organization dedicated to saving lives, it is so important to protect the health of our participants, many of whom are breast cancer survivors or are currently in treatment for the disease. Therefore, due to continuing concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be leveraging technology this year to ensure we can walk together even if we can’t be together because breast cancer is not cancelled.
The Walk serves two important purposes it is an important fundraiser that fuel Komen’s breast cancer research and patient support efforts, and it provides those touched by breast cancer an opportunity to engage with a compassionate community committed to making a difference in the fight against the disease.
We believe we can preserve the sense of community through these virtual events, even though we will be walking where we are. The added benefit of this new virtual experience is that people who previously couldn’t attend in-person due to their health or scheduling conflicts, will now be able to participate and be part of the community of hope.

How will a MORE THAN PINK WALK work?
On Walk Day, you can walk where you are and log miles. Walk in your neighborhood, a park, or even indoors on a treadmill. Be sure to take selfies and share them with us! You can download our Walk app and record your miles and keep track of your fundraising progress to earn virtual badges and medals. On Walk day, we will have interactive virtual programs on our Facebook page.

Will there still be a registration fee?
Registration will be free. Those who have already registered and paid a registration fee, the fee will be counted toward their fundraising goal and will count as a donation.

How can I register?
You can register online by clicking the button below. Watch this short video for a demonstration of the online registration process.


Will I still get a t-shirt?
Yes. All participants who raise a minimum of $100 will receive a commemorative event t-shirt by mail. Additionally, all survivors and those living with metastatic breast cancer will be mailed a special t-shirt recognizing their role in our event regardless of fundraising. For teams who raise more than $2,500, your t-shirts will be personally delivered by a Komen staff member.

Can our team still walk together?
The health and safety of our participants is our top priority. We encourage all social distancing and virus safety practices suggested by the local, state, and national health officials.

Can donations made to a team be split or shared among team members?
We are unable to split or transfer donations between individual and team accounts.

Do you require fundraising?
We do encourage all participants to fundraise. This event is about going from awareness to taking action in this community. Just imagine the impact if every participant raises only $100 we will bring in an additional $300,000 to support research as well as local screening, treatment and educational programs in our community!

Are survivors and those living with metastatic breast cancer expected to fundraise?
We certainly encourage every participant to fundraise, as this is our signature fundraising event. Funds raised by our participants enable us to do more for research, more for our communities, more for those living with breast cancer including metastatic breast cancer and more action to get us to a cure.
We find that survivors, those living with breast cancer and others that have a deeply personal connection to the cause are the most powerful and passionate fundraisers.

How is the money used? Why is fundraising important?
Read about how we put your fundraising dollars to work in Where the Money Goes.

Will there still be fundraising recognition?
Participants are encouraged to fundraise until November 11, 2020. Approximately 30 days after the MORE THAN PINK Walk, participants that have raised $100 or more will receive an email with information about their earned gift level and instructions on how to redeem. After receiving the email, participants will select one gift in their qualifying level or one item in a lower level, as gifts are not cumulative. After choosing, the item will be shipped to the registered address in our system. Susan G. Komen reserves the right to substitute an item of equal value if recognition items are unavailable. If you have any questions, please contact

How long do I have to collect and turn in donations to qualify for a fundraising recognition reward?
Participants are encouraged to fundraise until November 11, 2020. Approximately 30 days after the MORE THAN PINK Walk.

How can I fundraise?
There are multiple channels you can use to fundraise for your MORE THAN PINK Walk. The Fundraising Toolkit provides a step by step guide to fundraising.

All registered participants have access to an online personal Fundraising Center webpage with pre-written email templates to send to friends and family. Watch this short video to learn more about your fundraising center and how to use it to raise critical dollars to end breast cancer.

Connect your Fundraising Page to Facebook and ask your social community to support your walk.

Download the Mobile App so you can text your friends and family or deposit checks toward your fundraising. View the Fundraising for the Walk

Why are you changing the name from Race for the Cure® to the MORE THAN PINK Walk?
This change is part of the ongoing evolution of Susan G. Komen. MORE THAN PINK highlights the fact the organization and those who support our work are much more than a color and enables us to better connect our supporters to the full breadth of the work we do every day to help save lives from breast cancer.
The change from a Race to a Walk also aligns the fundraising event with the experience of the vast majority of our participants.

Does this mean Komen is no longer in a hurry to cure breast cancer?
Absolutely not. Our commitment to creating a world without breast cancer is stronger than ever. This new approach is part of an ongoing evolution of our organization intended to better connect the public to the impact they’re making on our work to save lives, and in turn, help us generate the critical financial support needed for us to be able to accomplish our Bold Goal to reduce the number of breast cancer deaths by 50% in the U.S. by 2026.

Is Komen moving away from pink?
Absolutely not. Pink is the principal color of the breast cancer movement and remains our signature color as well. This evolution helps to reinforce that the movement is more than a color and that it’s not enough just to raise awareness by wearing pink.
We will be introducing you to our pillars of our organization: Research, Care, Community, and Action. These pillars will help you and our other supporters understand the impact you make when you fundraise for this year’s event.

How do I use the Mobile App to Fundraise?
The Mobile App allows you to fundraise on-the-go and track your progress. You can also track your steps and learn more about the impact you are having to end breast cancer. View the Mobile App guide, to learn more about the features of the app to help you make a greater impact.

How do I track my steps using the Mobile App?
Connect to Apple Health or Google Fit to track your steps so your everyday walk or run can be one to end breast cancer. Make sure to allow access to ALL data for proper tracking. Once connected, click the “Get Active” icon at the bottom to view your steps & activity challenges. Simply hit the Start button to begin recording your steps and select “Confirm” when prompted to save the information.

Check out all six available step challenge badges under the “My Challenges” tab, including the Finisher Badge for taking 6,000 steps to officially finish the MORE THAN PINK Walk.

Is support available if I am having trouble with the Mobile App?
Yes. In the top right corner of the App Home Screen there is a gear icon. Click this and then “Need Help?” to open the support portal. Search the app FAQ for an answer or open a ticket with our app support team.

Do I need to mail in checks if I deposit them through the Mobile App?
No. You do not need to mail in checks if you have deposited them through the Mobile App.