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New name, who dis?

Race for the Cure is now the More Than Pink Walk.  It's the same, amazing, beautiful, and inspiring walk to end breast cancer as always but with a new name and new location!

New to the team? We are so excited to have you! Here's what you are in for:

  • We will meet at Seward Park
  • Get our exclusive Save the Boobs team t-shirts
  • Take a group shot and lots of selfies together
  • Then we walk! We cry, we get inspired & we pat each other on the back for being part of this amazing movement!
  • After that, WE PARTY!

This is a day to celebrate because you are doing something to end this awful disease. Without you, there would be no strides forward in eradicating breast cancer. So we toast! We eat! And we soak in what it means to be part of something bigger than ourselves. 

Now, the party locale is TBD. Seward Park is a little more removed from restaurants and bars so we are getting creative. 

Sign up now and stay posted! More information is coming! We know that this year will be better than ever and we have you to thank for it!

See ya soon to SAVE THE BOOBS!

Much love, 

Brooke Fox 

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