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Jo Golden Story

Hello. I am Jo Golden a single Mother of a 18 year old Son and owner of my own photography company called J.Golden Photography.Being Self Employed you never seem to factor in sick days let alone Breast Cancer and major surgery...Well that is what happened to Me.

I was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer in August and was told it also affected my skin, 6 lymph nodes, and my breast tissue and we all know what that means...Bye Bye to my right breast. Well most of it. I didn't take that news too well and been tryingto mentally handle it the best way I can.Well it couldn't have happened at a worse time.My Dad had just passed away from brain cancer. I didn't have health insurance. I couldn't even afford to be sick. So much has happened. I even had to give my car back and all the hospital visits, rescheduling clients, and not feeling well took a toll on my business which took a toll on my income.

The Leasing office didn't care I had Cancer and Evicted Me for late payment.They say everything happens in threes but I know God has a Plan, I just wish I knew what is was.

So as of now I have an aggressive Cancer, No Car, and No Home. I start chemo in 1 day on 11/25/2019 and I just want me and my Son in a sterile and safe place until I can stabilize my income and resources while I undergo treatment.I have 11 months of chemo, mastectomy surgery, radiation, and reconstruction at Md Anderson.

I just need any kind of help that any one can offer.I thank you in advance for any donations and prayers. Even if you can not donate you can send a beautiful prayer in my name or simply share this post. am praying for supernatural miracles to happen in Jesus name, Amen

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